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Edited & Published by:
Daniel Thomas
Jorge Waddell, Richard Campbell, Juan C.Gonzalez, Bob Meldrum, Alan Miller, Gregory Sommers, Pablo Jäckel, Jorge Mantarras, Jorge Cerigliano, Chris West, AFEPRORA
Dario Saidman
Layout & Design
Sergio Pessina
Copyright 2005
all rights reserved
Daniel Thomas, Editor
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the only English language magazine providing coverage of Latin-America's railways. Within its covers you will find the kind of information not available elsewhere. A truly specialist publication.
Latin Tracks was launched back in 1999 by Daniel Thomas as an English language magazine devoted to the Latin American railway scenario. What began as a series of saddle bound high quality photocopied pages has now evolved into a 40 page fully bilingual (English - Spanish) publication.
Latin Tracks is devoted entirely to the Latin American railway scene and includes articles of particular interest for the railwayman, traveler and historian. Besides general interest articles, packed to the brim with commercial and semi-technical information, each issue includes complete “hands-on” Special Reports, which feature railway system descriptions, interviews with management, new projects and news updates. Sections like Down the Line provide potential travelers with complete point to point route descriptions and useful tips, including abundant photography, and when practical: detailed maps and major station track layouts. In a Nutshell provides readers with carefully researched “potted histories” on selected subjects, usually related to the issue’s featured core article or subject.
Contributors include indefatigable South American rail travelers like USA’s Dr. John Kirchner, Gregory J. Sommers and Alan Miller, and the UK’s Chris West. Historical articles prepared by Dr. Jorge Waddell, Director and Chief Historical Researcher of Argentina’s Fundación Museo Ferroviario (Railway Museum Foundation), are regularly featured.
This is the kind of material that is not available elsewhere! Expensive, maybe. Specialist, definitely.
Latin Tracks is published four times per year. Issues sometimes include full color or two color sections as well as a small amount of pertinent advertising.